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Welcome to your new website.  To speed up your learning curve and get you ready to launch, we've already built your site with dozens of apps ready for you. Of course, you can tweak anything to your heart's content, but we recommend that you take it slowly so you don't fall out of love.

Getting Started Video

Tip: Don't rename any pages or other objects within your website until you are real comfortable or you could break something.  After all, it is a framework. If you do get stuck, a fresh copy of this site is always available on our Sandbox Site so you can troubleshoot, cut and paste, or just try things out before you apply them to your own site.

If you rebranding the software for your clients, then removing the link to our Sandbox Site and Getting Started Video should be done. This 'Start Here' page is the only place in this site that mentions us or links to our website.

Theme Test Page   Your site's Theme outputs headings, boxes, buttons, and other useful Custom Formats you can use to style content in the Rich-text Editor.

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